Our Cleaning Protocols

Your Health & Safety is very important to us at Spain Rentals! 

Now more than ever!

 Although cleaning has always been a top priority for Spain Rentals, it is now more important than ever.

We are following recommended protocols from local disease control and prevention centers.

Therefore, between the exit and entrance of guests, we will wait 24 hours before occupying the house, thus leaving a reasonable waiting time to carry out adequate cleaning and disinfection.

 These are the protocols and guidelines that we follow at Spain Rentals:

- Protection during cleaning: Our cleaning team are protected with disposable gloves and masks.

- Ventilation of the houses: Before starting cleaning and disinfection, the house is fully ventilated, with the opening of doors and windows.

- Cleaning and disinfection process: We proceed with the cleaning and elimination of dirt, grease, dust and hygiene of the house. Once clean, we spray and disinfect with the recommended disinfectant, letting it take effect and then removing.

- General laundry: All linens such as sheets, duvet and mattress covers, blankets, towels and kitchen towels are washed in our own laundry with detergents, at maximum temperatures, following the manufacturers recommendations.

 To help our guests comply with the cleaning and hygiene recommendations, at all Spain Rentals properties, our guests always have sufficient hand soap and toilet paper.

 Although we have always been very demanding with the cleanliness of our properties, we have currently incorporated new protocols into our list of tasks; special disinfection measures according to the recommendations of the administration and local health authorities. So that our guests feel protected and safe during their stay with us.